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I can't find this font in any way!!! help me please :-)

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Hi, everyone!

I was assigned to design a logo for a theater company. They are producing their first stage play by now, so they are putting a great importance on the logo. It is called "Gentes", which is an unnatural plural of the collective word for "people" in Portuguese.

What sets them apart from other companies in Sao Paulo is that they are going to produce original musical theater, with brand new books and music. Most of the other companies go the other way round: their work is either Broadway musicals barely translated to Portuguese or jukebox musicals telling the stories of some important Brazilian artists.

While their work could be described as "experimental", as it discusses very controversial topics, it still has a very mainstream flavor. Their intent is to present a very realistic version of musical theater, what many have called a paradox. I have been in many of their meetings and rehearsals, however, and the idea seems really possible.

All of their processes are collaborative, and so they wanted the logo to be. The group of directors, musicians and choreographers consists of 13 people and all of them had the same importance when choosing the logo - only actors and actresses did not participate. I presented them with some choices of logo reflecting the experimental edge of their project. Surprisingly enough, they wanted the logos to get rid of that, and the final logo was decided through voting.

The problem is that the chosen logo is looking bland and generic by now. The original version was dirty and irregular to represent people and convey humanity. They wanted it to look clean, but its irregularities make no sense anymore and many of them say it is looking like a low quality cosmetics brand. They don't like the fact that both "e" look the same and want something more authentic. I myself see some issues in the letters "g" and "s".

Now I need your help! How can I improve it? I appreciate any thoughts and ideas!

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Hey Guys !

I'm looking for a good font to create and all font logo.
Attached is the style I'm looking for.

Tips and ideas are welcome !
Thanks !

I've added 13 more arabic/english corporate identity mashups from my travels in the UAE.

Here's the link:


Can someone help me identify what font is used in the west elm logo?

Thank you for your help!

Any comments on this logo for an architectural practice:

Please help identify this font. No similar fonts please.

What typeface is used for the "D" and the "J" or what is it based on or what typefaces display very similar characteristics? Any help with this is very much appreciated, thank you.

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Hi all,

I'm working on a logo design where the client wants the word to be all uppercase: it's an acronym. The word includes an uppercase I, and I suspect that the logotype will be friendlier to read if I dot it.

I don't want to identify the name of the client here, but it's similar to SPRITE.

For the uppercase I, I'm echoing the lowercase i's design while keeping the weight of the uppers.

I need your expert opinions: Where's the best place to put the dot ... above the cap height, or down a bit with the I shorter than the other caps? Any rules of thumb?

Many thanks,



If anyone could identify or recommend a font similar to the letters PAGO in their logo, the juice that is, I would be really grateful.

Thanks in advance

Hi, can anyone identify the font used in 'For The Love Of Mrs Brown' artwork - the condensed eroded yellow one...



This logo was designed for us by an advertising agency designer who has since left the agency. The CD has no record of the work, and I have had no luck trying to identify the font. One special feature of the font is the letter "k". Does anyone know the name of this font?


Tom Kerr

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Hi there. I'm new here, I'm from Brazil and, as the business card I attached says (in portuguese), I'm a psychologist. I just graduated and I decided to print my business cards in letterpress, but my budget is pretty tight, so I have to design them myself. Now I don't expect anybody to work for free, but since I have barely any experience at all with design I thought maybe you guys could take a look and tell me if I'm making any gross mistakes, maybe point me in the right direction. The same goes for the logo itself, the little couch, I designed it myself and it's my first attempt at something of the sort. Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

I'm primarily looking for feedback on name legibility at this point. Being that the type is hand drawn, and the word is uncommon, I'm worried about the viewer's ability to pick up the name. How well does it read, and what do you read? Any feedback would be appreciated.




I'm involved in designing a logo for a research group that is going to be established soon. The research is in a field somewhere between natural sciences and their application in engineering. It's about the opposite of an art exhibition or a virtual social network internet site, so there is not much room for eccentric ideas.

There are now two basic choices, and slight changes to the design are still possible. Can anyone help me to decide between the two variants? Thank you!!



Does anyone of you know the type of the bigbrother logo???
if you noticed the type please send an email to

Hey guys,
I´m on my 3'rd semester in school and my first monogram/logo assignment was to make a monogram/logo for myself out of two of the letters in my name.
I chose S & K for my first and sirname.
I would love to hear an oppinion about this... :)
I realize that it might be custom (especially the added slab serifs and missing portions), but is there some font that comes close to this?

Thanks for your help :)


There is a logo I'm working on and now I've been struggling to find a typeface that would nicely complement it. I thought that I could perform some crowdsourcing here on Typophile. I can't show the logo now but the attached image sums it up pretty well. It's geometric, modern, rounded, drawn on a grid but at the same time looks like made with a flat calligraphic brush.

I must say that so far only Museo looks like a good match but I'm slightly put off by the fact its free and ubiquitous. If nothing better is found I might fall back to it, however.

Thanks in advance!

Key words to consider: contemporary, community, traditional values.


(Excuse my english)

I try to find the typography of the Ozone logo

Thanks for you help

Hey does anyone know what font Tom Ford's logo is? Also maybe you guys could give me something similar to it if it turns out to be a custom font.

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Here's the link:

We did this hand-drawn logotype for Oilily which will now be Qelavi in the US.

What say ye oh brethren of typographic love.

Hello All,

Could anyone help my ID this type? It's an old logo from a Japanese (I believe) company that made after market parts for the Toyota MR-2. And possibly other cars.

Your help is much appreciated!

hey all, looking for fonts similar to both the newcastle brown ale and stella artois typefaces...the caps used in the main brand text.

any help is appreciated. thanks!

Need to know what font is used for the "Studio Gaven" portion of the logo at the top of the page.