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Hi guys,

I just created a new custom logotype for one of my friend, it's somewhat final already, but I think it would be good if I could get some feedback/opinion from other person. I'd like to know what might be improved, which is I can still do. This might be useful for my upcoming project as well.

Here is the link

I hope some of you could give me a constructive feedback, I'm new here, please tell me if anything wrong with my post


Hello! My name is Rickard and this is my first post here at typohile. I'm excited to join this forum, not only to observe but also to learn more about the world of typography!

I am from Sweden so please bare in mind my fairly incomplete language skills.

I this a good start on the forum is to show a thing that I have done and with some luck get one good thought or two from you guys. I am talking about my very own logotype for my name, also soon to be my website and all-around self-brand.

Take a look and tell me what you think. I was aiming for a sleek and rather elegant feel. Also I tried to have complexity in mind and avoid to advanced techniques. As you see it's rather simple. Too simple maybe? Does it need a background?

Thanks in Advance!

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I'm working on a logotype for a friend's etsy store. Her plan is to sell quaint/crafty items. She'll turn the logo into a rubber stamp, so she can stamp packing slips and such. This is the design I have so far, and this is her etsy page so far.

I'd like some feedback on the fitting-ness of this lettering, drawn on Illustrator from scratch. I was going for an etsy-ified antiquated feel, but patently 2000's since "BLoveLee" is a name that could not have existed pre-URLs.


I'm working on a legacy mark to commemorate the 25th anniversary for a St. Louis arts organization. Out of several options, here's the direction my client picked. It's loosely based on Bodoni and Benton Modern.

If anyone could offer some input on how to improve the curves, I'd really appreciate it. Some areas don't feel quite right yet, particularly in the way the swashes above and below cradle the shapes of the numbers.

Feedback much appreciated.

I really like the minimal look of this logo and the associated type. Can anyone tell me what it is?

I've looked around on MyFonts and it looks like it might be a modified Nobel extra light, but I'm still not sure. Any thoughts?

Hi there,
I've been trawling through foundries looking for some 'new' stunning technology bias typefaces. Has anyone seen anything that looks amazing?


I´m in search of examples where a logotype and a brandmark are used separately. Preferable fashion or luxury brands (but not a must).

To be more specific I´m looking for examples where the standalone brandmark is used rather consistently. A lot of fashion brands uses their logotype as the main logo and the standalone brandmark for special occasions – not as a part of their main branding elements.

The best example I have so far is Strellson. On its rather evident that: 1. the two things are used apart and 2. the brandmark is used actively and rather consistently as part of the branding. On for example the brandmark isn´t really used – only the logotype.

It can be debated whether Chanel´s CC mark is actually a brandmark or an emblem (or whatever) but in this context it does´nt really matter.

Anybody have some good examples to share?

Help would be very appreciated, thanks :)

Howdy crew, we're currently hunting for some branding typefaces for our screen design and animation outfit called.

While we've got some type directions in place that we're happy with, I thought I'd open it out to you knowledgeable folk to offer suggestions of typefaces that might hit the mark.

As a business we sit somewhere between a creative animation studio (Frankfurter) and a sharp, design-led VFX company (modified Baskerville Old Face). While the worlds are seemingly polar opposites, we feel there might be some middle ground worth exploring.

So ... with that little tidbit of info, got any suggestions of faces?
Fire away with any questions too.



I'm currently working on the logotype for author Ethan Risso, and I would really appreciate other sets of eyes to see how it is looking so far. Thanks in advance!

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Master typographer Doyald Young has released THE DOYALD YOUNG COLLECTION, the boxed reference set of the celebrated graphic design icon's three acclaimed books on type, font and logotype design. Mr. Young is a recipient of the 2009 AIGA Gold Medal, is a Fellow of the AIGA, and is the Inaugural Master at Art Center College of Design, where he has taught typography and lettering for more than three decades.

Check out the new boxed set Collection at his website:

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I'm currently building my portfolio up to apply at some art and design schools so I decided to create an identity for a fictional museum of art based in Mexico. I am now debating on the logo and have created several versions:

And I have now pretty much started over and come up with this (also attached):

The "brief" for this project is to create an identity that would be a re-birth of a dying organization. It fails to attract the younger, sophisticated visitors it needs to remain open and fund services for the public. It needs to change its damaged image (no existing or marketed identity) and represent itself as something clean, modern and luxurious without losing its historical significance.

I would greatly appreciate any honest critique. Thank you!

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The “ On Language” column of the New York Times has used custom-illustrated logotypes each week for years, which the Society of Publication Designers blog helpfully collected in two posts ( first, second). Many Usual Suspects are represented among the letterers.