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I'm looking to identify the font used in the "jennifer orkin lewis" part. To me, it looks similar to Quattrocento Sans, but some of the widths aren't quite the same. Can somebody help to shed some light on this please?

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Under a time crunch and must ID this font. Any help would be appreciated!

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I have made updates to the font family Hikari and started a discussion about the ampersand solution I came up with. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts:


Can someone help me identify what font is used in the west elm logo?

Thank you for your help!

Hello everyone.

Here I am to present you this Riviera, my first attempt to design a font. The project started in the late 2005, when I hand-designed some capital letters to present a project.

Now I'd like to complete it. In my mind it should be a display font inspired and recalling the modern movement, '50 etc. Until now I designed a to z lower and uppercase. Numbers are just sketched, I need some time to fix the thicknessess; punctuation and glyphs are not yet drafted. Maybe in future I'll develope different weights versions, but now I want to define this medium weight one.

Here there is a little test page:

I know there are some problems. /S/ is quite ugly, although /s/ satisfies me more but not at all; /r/ is not so good, the cut seems sharp; and many more things that probably now I can't see. Expecially I'd like to ask you an opinion about the general rythm and the relation between letter width. I think there's something that doesn't work but I can't understand what.

Thank you in advance
Best regards

Pdf is attached to take a closer look

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Anyone know the typeface in the attached sample?

Can someone name that font?

It seems that the term 'Humanist' in typography is used solely to describe a certain type of sans serif. But is this really a reference to the renaissance Humanist scribe hands? If so why is the term not used for serifed typefaces that are directly related to this humanist hand?
Does anyone know when the history of when term was first 'coined' in regards to sans serif. Was it just an attempt to categorise, or maybe a commercial reason, to set a typeface design as different from the rest by giving it an saleable tag, one that gave it a mystique, esteem or historical cogitation.
Humanism also has many non-typographic meanings. What does this tag imply to you as designers?

I am quite hoping to identify the font from the 1961 poster for "The Frightened City." I am guessing the stencil variety was custom and is not available, however, I would be perfectly content knowing the basic font character set used here or any other information about these characters. I've been searching for a few years for this font, but with no luck. Proxima Nova condensed Black is somewhat close, but not exactly it. The Gs, Cs, and Rs are not right. Thanks much in advance!!

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I am trying to find this font but wasn't abel to ID it myself. I thought URW Grotesk but the f seems different. Thank you so much for support.

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Anyone able to identify the font that the "M" in this image?

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Hello everyone! You've been recommended as the best ones to go to... and I've already tried to other ID links with no joy.

It's kinda close to a few things, but nothing exact that I can identify - can anyone help identify this typeface?

Many thanks in advance!

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I wonder how Roboto should be classified. Is it a grotesk, a geometric sans serif, a humanist sans serif? In any case it is a lineal sans serif, but I am wondering about the contextual category.

If you ask me, it’s a hybrid, with classicist grotesk (lowercase a and as, and uppercase S, C, G) with elements of a humanist sans serif (lowercase e, g, etc.). What do you think?

I am working on a redesign for a science magazine/journal and we need a sans serif font with as big a glyph set as possible, including Greeks and quantum symbols and as much math as possible.

Ideally this font would also look amazing as a display face, however I think we all agree that this is basically impossible.

So....what I am looking for is a sans serif with a million bazillion characters that will work well in italic, regular, bold and bold italics (because each of those things means something in science). I am going to try to use it for any sans serif body copy and then insert it in if it needs to be in the display area. It would help me if it had a condensed weight too since I am using one of the more condensed widths of Knockout for the display copy right now and don't really want to change it if I can help it (I'm rather attached to it actually).

Any ideas?

Help quadruply appreciated....


Hi there!

Anyone recognise the font used for "merch"? Looking for that font or something very similar?

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Transat Text is a new geometric sans serif type family, and is the more rational sibling to the unabashedly Art Deco " Transat". Transat Text has a slightly taller x-height than its counterpart, as well as more rationalized character widths, shorter descenders and fewer design eccentricities, making it easier to read in text settings. While designed to shine in paragraphs, it also performs admirably in larger display settings.

Transat Text includes many OpenType features, such as ligatures, small capitals, case sensitive forms, stylistic alternates, arbitrary fractions, and a full complement of proportional, tabular, and oldstyle figures. With nearly 700 glyphs, it provides support for most European languages. The Transat Text family includes 5 weights plus optically-corrected obliques.

Transat Text is currently available at MyFonts, YouWorkForThem, and Creative Market. For a limited time, you can get the full family of 10 fonts for just $30.

Any ideas? No luck with any other avenues so far. Be my saviors!

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just curious what this font is. I know girl skateboards uses it. here's the link

Hi all,

I've been working on and off on this typeface for the last few months. While I did start creating one a few years ago, I'd consider this my first "real" attempt at a full font. While a lot of the details are more suited to display purposes, I'm also trying to make it work at smaller sizes (maybe a separate text version?).

I haven't really shown it to many people yet and I'd like to know what you think and if it's worth continuing with. I'm mainly concerned about it looking too amateur-ish and wanted to know if there are any glaring beginner mistakes/things I've missed.

I've drawn the upper and lowercase, some very basic punctuation but no numerals or diacritics yet as I first wanted some feedback on the letters/overall feel so far. I'm also figuring out Open Type along the way with some ligatures, stylistic alternates, possibly swash characters, but I'm only just beginning.

This is the regular weight and I'd to make light & bold weights and an italic at least to start with. I've been working on the spacing for a while but it's still got a lot of fixing to do; there are some combinations I just can't seem to get right. There is no kerning or hinting yet (save for automatic hinting when generating).

Thanks very much in advance! It's really appreciated.


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Critiques welcome. Three variants in this release: Regular, Condensed Bold, and Condensed Bold Italic.

Available here:

Kinda wondering if it's even condensed enough to call "Condensed."


A type style with slab serifs circa mid-to-late-19th century, a low contrast design of uniform stroke. So-named for the fashion for Egyptian art and artefacts in Europe when Egyptian types were designed and used. Major Egyptian examples: Memphis and Serifa. Also applied to sans serif types of the same era.

Hi, can anyone tell me what font this is?
I'm not sure if it is really a typeface or a custom made logotype.

But I have found this image used in another project and it look really similar..

Hello folks,

Just watched the trailer for the upcoming film "Babies" and it has a fantastic logo/logotype. I'm fairly confident its not a custom job, since several things are typed out in it.

I have attached a couple samples.

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