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I'm having trouble identifying this sans-serif. It's a large attachment, but any of the typefaces in the navy color. Thank you for the help!

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for developing my first typeface I wanted to create a geometric typeface that posesses the advantages of such fonts but is more ‘robust', especially in the caps, than for example Futura.


Currently I am working on spacing my first complete draft. I don't want to presume full capability for continous text with this font-style, but a test to see if the glyphs relate nicely to each other was more of a pleasant surprise than I thought:

Continous Text


I know that especially the upper-case S, K, W and Y and lower-case s and y are still very shaky. I would really appreciate overall and specific critique.


P.S.: I will be working on a Book-style too.

Hi. Trying to restore an old coffee Gaggia espresso machine...
I'm trying to get as close to the original font of the "coffee" part as possible.

My machine is too worn on the outside (I can barely see where the big "GAGGIA" was)

Attached is the best photo I could find and a 400% blow up where I tried to make it more identifiable. (corrected perspective and high contrast) identyfont and whathefont where frustrating to use.


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Hi everyone,

I saw this font last week at the Dutch photography museum Foam.
It has a beautiful uppercase M and the ligature fi is also really distinct.

Any suggestions? Or something that comes close?

I did my best to look around but nothing showed up for this one. Maybe someone knows what it is. It looks possibly like it's from the same time period as Optima.

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So I am designing this T-shirt and I came across this font pairing problem. I want to pair a sans-serif with a sans. That is because the red flipped "Ǝ" is indispensable and refers to EMINƎM. So I basically have these four combinations(please ignore the kerning for now). I was hoping you guys could tell me how good and bad they are, and suggest best pairings too.

Please help.

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Hello Typophiles,
Hope you've all been good.

I'm giving final touches to a new Latin typeface which has also a soft/rounded version. I was slightly confused whether I should call it Rounded or Soft? Any suggestions?

Here is how it looks:


Hi guys,
does anyone know of a typeface that is similar to the one attached here?
I'm working on a novel that centers around a vietnam refugee, and I'd love to set the title in something like this.

Thanks in advance!

| Attachment | Size | | --- | --- | | img_1259.jpg | 48.19 KB | and – Sinkin Sans from Keith Bates of K-Type.

Slight chance @hrant might like this, as it is Apache-licensed.

Hi. I'm working on a webdesign for dj school.

We are going to use FUTURA PL as the main font for headers, titles and menu. The client doesn't want to use a serif as a complement for body text.

Which sans-serif font do you recommend to use for body text that would look good in combination with FUTURA PL?

I'm trying to avoid using Helvetica as the combination.

Here is a draft with FUTURA and Helvetica

Thank you!

Hello people,

I've had a growing interest in type design for about a year now, and this is perhaps my 4th attempt at a simple sans face. I just want to force myself to bring a project to completion, and produce a typeface that doesn't look too amateurish, even if it turns out very plain.

I was hoping for some feedback and suggestions about anything which you think stands out as needing some work. I'm still pretty new to this, but looking to learn—so please be kind!

Please note, so far I've only been working on drawing the glyphs, and the metrics are just done automatically in Illustrator just now.

Also, please ignore the 'Pro' tag on the name and the MyFonts promo look; I was just playing around :)

Hi there,
I'm working on a logo and need some help identifying the right font to use.
I'm looking for a sans-serif font with soft rounded edges, preferablly something with a single-stack lowercase "a". I like the humanistic qualities of Avenir but obviously this font isn't rounded.

I also like the style of the font in the new esurance logo, which I have attached below.

Fonts that I've considered so far include:
1. Comforta (although I feel like it's almost too rounded).
2. Museo (getting closer but some of the elements remind me of an old typewriter font).

Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks so much!

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Hello everybody,

I've been reading a lot about typefaces and how different kinds can be combined in order to create layers of meaning. Type foundries usually suggest pairings for their own fonts, most notably Hoefler & Frere Jones and Font Bureau. I am looking to create an unusual mix of moods for a personal branding project:

  • Hearty, friendly
  • Weird, quirky
  • Contemplative, dramatic

You can think of this mix as the equivalent of a Wes Anderson, Sylvain Chomet, or even a Spike Jonze film. Sort of like what film critic Peter Rainer writes about Spike Jonze's film, Being John Malkovich:
“It is hard to mix moods -- the film is manic, subtle, comic and vaguely sad -- but [Jonze] does it masterfully.”

I looked at a lot of high-quality typefaces, one of which is H&FJ's Sentinel. I think it has that (hearty, friendly) edge to it alright, but I am looking to mix it up with other typefaces in order to give it those other layers I want to incorporate. Check out my attached file to see a sample letterhead for Sentinel. I feel that Sentinel is a good text font, but I am open to other suggestions. Whatever your other options are, I also want your thoughts on how I can keep it all consistent on printed as well as web platforms.

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I'm in a diploma in writing and publishing and am taking a class on letterpress printing. One of our assignments was to clean and identify some type cases. These are two type samples that I can't identify. I've already tried what the font and have looked through a lot of books and have come up with nothing. Similar types will not work in this case as I need to know the exact name of the type. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm trying to identify this font for 3days, yet have no match...
Could you suggest what this font is?

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Need to re type set this because it won't cut out of vinyl well in its current unrefined form, the only downside is that I don't know what typestyle it is.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Bengala is a trendy new type system. The family is made up of a script style, an extended all-caps style, and an ornament set that includes the animal illustrations shown here.

Hi everybody,

I am looking for the name of the font below. It’s for a research on dynamic sans-serif fonts, sth like Brezel Grotesk, Founders Grotesk Condensed, etc.

Even if you can’t knock off this one, I am glad for any input for my ongoing research. So if you have other references like the ones already mentioned above, please, don’t hesitate!

Btw: is using the font I am looking for in their newsletter!

Many thanks to all of you!

Best, Tobias.

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Hi all,

just wondered if anyone could identify this college-style sans-serif. Thankyou!

I was trying to figure out what the "Alex" and "Celebrate" font is as well as the "SANDERS" and "University of South Florida". Also looks like the "6:00 PM" is also different. Thanks to all those that help me with this!

Hey all, could really use your help on this one. Comes from an AIGA poster. It's not Avenir, Nexa, Soleil... any ideas?

Hi All!

This font is from a series of four teaser posters for the Green Lantern movie (2011), designed by Concept Arts.


Is it just a customised version of "MVB Sweet Square"? The I, E, & K seem quite different. I've found a bunch of similar fonts ("Aerotype Durandal Flat", "Piranha" by Nathan Caldecott, "Identikal Rally", "Identikal Rebirth", "FF Aircraft"), but no exact matches.

Also, how would one classify this font? A "chamfered angular square sans-serif"?

*** Bonus points if anyone can confirm whether the "2011" on the poster is even in the same font? ***

Thanks in advance! :D

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