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Greetings all. First time poster. I've trying to find a pairing face for a custom wordmark that I've done for a mixed martial arts company (yuck, I know). The wordmark is comparable to something like the ford logo. I can't seem to think of anything that really works well enough for me to present.



Hi folks,

I'm not sure this is the exact right place for this, but I'm trying to track down the typographer of a free script font that's all over the freebie sites.

Font is Monika Italic [link removed by moderator] and the credit goes to "Catrina" (for whom I cannot seem to find any info whatsoever).

I'd like to use this in a commercial piece (all accompanying license info says it's freeware, but the font file is unembeddable which indicates otherwise). Can anyone either point me in the right direction, or perhaps suggest a suitable alternative ('50s-era italic script)? This is a pro bono project, so sadly I need to lean toward free or cheap.

Thanks so much!

Hi, typophiles,

Does anyone know what typeface it is in this pic? TIA


James Zhou

he HAS to have a font with an "S" that looks like the image i'm posting up. any help, i'n not about to spent hours making a type face that i'm not even sure he'll like. and it's for a label the gose on a box for shipping purposes, uuhhgg! any help would be great. just something in that direction. text description

I know that this wordmark isn't actual type and was likely hand done a long time ago but I am looking for the closest possible typefaces.

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Can anyone tell me the fonts from this logo, particularly the script? Thanks!

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Hi, everyone!

I was assigned to design a logo for a theater company. They are producing their first stage play by now, so they are putting a great importance on the logo. It is called "Gentes", which is an unnatural plural of the collective word for "people" in Portuguese.

What sets them apart from other companies in Sao Paulo is that they are going to produce original musical theater, with brand new books and music. Most of the other companies go the other way round: their work is either Broadway musicals barely translated to Portuguese or jukebox musicals telling the stories of some important Brazilian artists.

While their work could be described as "experimental", as it discusses very controversial topics, it still has a very mainstream flavor. Their intent is to present a very realistic version of musical theater, what many have called a paradox. I have been in many of their meetings and rehearsals, however, and the idea seems really possible.

All of their processes are collaborative, and so they wanted the logo to be. The group of directors, musicians and choreographers consists of 13 people and all of them had the same importance when choosing the logo - only actors and actresses did not participate. I presented them with some choices of logo reflecting the experimental edge of their project. Surprisingly enough, they wanted the logos to get rid of that, and the final logo was decided through voting.

The problem is that the chosen logo is looking bland and generic by now. The original version was dirty and irregular to represent people and convey humanity. They wanted it to look clean, but its irregularities make no sense anymore and many of them say it is looking like a low quality cosmetics brand. They don't like the fact that both "e" look the same and want something more authentic. I myself see some issues in the letters "g" and "s".

Now I need your help! How can I improve it? I appreciate any thoughts and ideas!

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Looked like an easy one at first sight, but myfonts doesn't return anything close when i look for cursive script..
Anyone? :)

Hi there,
Can anyone identify this script for me. It was used on this years Curious paper Christmas mailout paper sample?

Hey guys,
Does anyone recognise these fonts at all? Having trouble IDing any of them.

PS. Apologies for the screen shots!

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Trying to identify the font of Bistro.

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Is there anything odd in the calt list of Vista/Windows 7's font "Segoe Script"? I was alerted today by an InDesign user that contextual alternates do work for Latin script, but don't appear to get activated for Cyrillic text.

I examined the OTF tables, and, sure enough, the calt tables for Latin are only defined in the Latin Script part, and the Cyrillic Script section has its own calt list. Nothing out of the ordinary, I presume.

Theoretically, the used program ought to recognize a series of Cyrillic characters and automatically switch over to the Cyrillic section -- right? I think that was the entire purpose of the Scripts sections. Could it be an error in InDesign CS4? Or am I misinterpreting the use of the Script tags and how they would work in practice?

New "kid" on the block and need some help identifying a font.

Thanks, Mike

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hi Typophiles,
i've just released AndrijScript Cyrillic.
it bases on my own handwriting, fascinated by historical Ukrainian 'skoropys' quick-writing and spiced by few chimeric shapes and unusual Cyrillic ligatures.

welcome see few pictures on
or test-drive on


it can be found on the itunes store main marquee (1/31/13) the Justin Bieber one but i only want to know the font for his first name. i know the distressed type/ look is an edit but i want to know the main font for "Justin"

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Hi all,

I'm trying to identify this typeface used in I Love New York: Ingredients and Recipes. It's so familiar, but I can't recall the name nor can I find it in my type library. Any ideas?

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Hello there! This is my font called FUSION SANS. The idea behind it was to pair up with the font called Sharik Sans (which is the font I used to write out Fusion Sans). It's main purpose is to be in body copy on packaging for the Fusion brand. I wanted it to look simple, readable, but still pleasing to the eye.

Do you think it pairs well with Sharik Sans? If not, do you have any suggestions?

What do you think about the spacing on my test words and do my letters work well together?

Thank you all!

Any ideas on this font? Reminds me of Magneto

Was curious if anyone knew the Handwritten Script style face used in the attached image. Spent awhile going through lists and lists at MyFonts and just can't seem to find a match.


I'm looking for a typeface similar to the hand-drawn script on the sign in the attached photo. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

What's your strategy for left sidebearings on script caps? I'm not taking about scripts where all caps would be legible. I'm taking about scripts with swishy swash script caps where words in all caps will look terrible anyway. Right sidebearings are easy to do because they can be tested against lowercase in words. But what about the left?

In the past I've used sentence endings to gauge the spacing. For example:

Yeah. Apes attacked.

I adjust the left sidebearing on the A so the word space after the period feels right. Whaddya think?

I've been trying to look for this font for ages.
The first time I saw it was in a title card in an animated series, and I thought that it was custom made, and thus impossible to find on the Internet, but not very long ago, I found it used in a bar's facade, which led me to think that it was a pre-existing font.

The font was white with a black outline, but the TV version had some kind of "reflections". You'll understand better if you look at the image. However, the version I saw in the bar (which I assume is the original font) didn't have them.

The top image is one of the title cards I first saw the font in, and the bottom part is my own (badly-made, I know) recreation of the original look of the font, without the "reflections" seen in the first one, just as I saw it in the bar.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance ^^

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Hey guys I've been working on this custom lettering project. What do you guys think? Is the composition balanced? Is this too busy? Your suggestions & constructive criticism would be much appreciated!

It's inspired by this quote... "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket" by Pharrell.

- Joseph

Does somebody know the font in use by AnOtherMan Magazine?
It's used both underlined and not.