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TypeTool is a basic font editor for Mac OS and for Windows. For students, hobby typographers and creative professionals who occasionally need to create or customize fonts.

TypeTool 3 released in March 2007 includes support for OpenType fonts with up to 65,000 glyphs, Unicode 5.0 support, new bitmap Background and outline Mask layers, improved Bézier drawing with open contours and tangent points, multi-line metrics and kerning editing, and screen quality autohinting.

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Posted: 12/11/2007
Updated: 11/07/2011

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Abdullah Taşcı :şcı,şcı
Ahmet Altun :, aatype
Alessandro Segalini :; @typophile
Alpkan Kırayoğlu :,
Bülent Erkmen :
Christopher Çolak :; @typophile
David Rault :; @typophile
Deniz Cem Önduygu :
Ediz Pinar :
Elif Ayiter :
Emre Parlak :
Emre Senan :,
Eray Makal :
Esen Karol :
Fahri Özkaramanlı :,
Fevkalade Collective :
Gözde Oral :
Işıl Döneray :
Mahir Yavuz :,
Mehmet Gözetlik :,; @typophile
Müge Yılmaz :
Murat Celep :
Namık Kemal Sarıkavak :
Nejat Emrah Yörük :
Oğuzhan Öçalan :
Ömer Durmaz :; @typophile
Onur Bayiç :ç
Onur Yazıcıgil :; @typophile
Osman Tülü :
Özlem Özkal :
Pelin Kırca :
Peter Brugger :
Rauf Kösemen :
Sadık Karamustafa :
Savaş Çekiç :
Taner Ardalı :
Tamer Köşeli :
Ulaş Eryavuz :
Volkan Ekşi :
Yeşim Demir :
Yetkin Başarır :

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This one has me stumped - does anyone know what font this is please?

Many thanks


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Hi fellas!
I was make a new font thinking in posters design, my inspiration was the "Ton" shape then leave really soft curves for each line that we need to solve.. hope you like it and if you want drop a comment or critique.
regard mates


I've Been breaking my head trying to figure out what font is this. Every time I believe I've come close, Im so far off.

Since I cant post the whole picture because what I'm working on is confidential...I posted a few letters in hopes that anyone would be able to figure it out.

thanks in advance!

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Designing information before designers

Monday 11 to Friday 29 January 2010
Exhibition of information design from the nineteenth century. Presented by Paul Stiff, Paul Dobraszczyk and Mike Esbester; talk on 14 January


Thursday 21 January 2010
UK movie premiere

Design 4 music/Music + design

Friday 29 January 2010
Conference exploring this complex, passionate, sometimes obsessive relationship. Curated by Catherine Dixon and John L. Walters

Zainer's imperfect impressions

Tuesday 23 February 2010
Fifth annual Justin Howes memorial lecture, given by Claire Bolton

Book design in St. Gallen

Thursday 4 to Friday 19 March 2010
Talks and exhibition of past and present work. Curated by Jost Hochuli; talks on 4 March and 17 March

Our admission prices remain excellent value for money (the Justin Howes memorial lecture is free). Why not make 2010 the year you join the Friends of St Bride Library and help to keep the Library alive:

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Friends of St Bride Library Events Team
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Monotype has become the exclusive distributor of more than 100 fonts from Sumner Stone of Stone Type Foundry Inc. Stone’s typefaces have earned an excellent reputation for quality and legibility for a wide range of uses, from books to display advertising. Along with lecturing, writing and teaching, Stone will be designing new typefaces that will become available through Monotype.

View Stone Type Foundry typefaces on -

And read more about Stone Type Foundry typefaces –

We are happy to announce that two of our typefamilies, Adelle and Karmina Sans, have been recently selected in the renowned South-American type design competition, Tipos Latinos 2010.

Most of the type-designs we use nowadays have their origins in the thirties of the 20th century. But their real roots are much older. Since good examples of the earliest type are hard to get by, the Amsterdam chair for the History of the Book in cooperation with the Special Collections of the Amsterdam University has started a project that will make it possible for anyone anywhere to examine early typedesign in detail. Acces to this material is difficult: the books are kept in the Special Collections of university libraries and national libraries and most times it is forbidden to take pictures.

We have started to publish high resolution pictures of early type-specimen on:

This is a work in progress that will take years to finish. We have started on the 15th and 16th century. So far about 6500 pictures have been published. This includes high resolution pictures of type and also pictures of initials and ornaments in a lower resolution. We aim to publish at least 100.000 examples of type and initials and ornaments from the 15th-18th century - 20.000 in 2010.

Paul Dijstelberge type historian University of Amsterdam

Jensons famous first roman type. (a low-res example)

Hey, My buddy wrote a great post on the history of type on the web. Thought I'd share.

Check it out:

And this guy has more type-related experiments:

[Sorry if this has been posted before]

Bert Vanderveen BNO

Dear Typophile

I'm trying to use my mark as in an illustration, where I'd like the A & C part seem as if it was chiseled.
If I may say so myself, I think my A is quite okay. But the C is driving me mad!

I'd like to convey the effect in only two colours, and all the c's presented seems a bit off to me. Number 4, of course, is the most sketchy one. Just wanted your take on it, before I go on.

best regards

This is the wall calendar for the year 2010. It's made of two thousand and ten keyboard keys. This design offers a new visual experience of time, differently than your average wall calendar. It looks beautiful on the wall, and makes finding dates and marking events a creative process.

The size of the print is B0 (70cm x 100cm / 27.56” x 39.37”).

The printing is done with a standard 4c offset printing machine on 135g/m2 glossy paper, finished with a UV coating to protect the colors from bleaching. The UV coating also provides protection against water and dust.


Worldwide shipping (folded in a protected envelope) is included in the price of $20.10.

For $9.90 extra the wall calendar will be sent rolled in a reusable plastic tube.

If you decide to order two or more wall calendars, world wide shipping (rolled in reusable tubes) is FREE!


Orders can be made through Etsy or my (beta-) Website.

Is welcome!

Happy New Year!

PS: Yes, worldwide includes Alaska … Albany … Greece … Italy … Japan … New Zealand … Zimbabwe etc.

Mostly designers deliver a PDF preview of their font(s) when one in made. About how it's made, how it looks, blabla. What is your opinion about what should be in it? And which already excisting promotions do you think are good?

I'm trying to make one for myself (more like a catalog but well designed), containing my font collection.

I'm designing my first typeface, I was hoping to get some constructive criticism. I call it Pateo, I'm aiming for a staple sans-serif kind of design, something similar to Helvetica, Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers and the like. I know its a lot to live up to, but I plan on having many, many drafts. This is my lowercase.

Have at'er boys!

Abril, the new typeface by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione is on the way. It is a font family engineered mainly for newspapers and magazines that features friendly and elegant styles for headlines and robust and economic styles for text. For the first time ever, we will be posting images showing the progress of the develoment of a font family. So stay connected to our Flickr group!

Hi, I'm designing a branding for my school project for a Guy Ritchie film festival. He is the director of the movies like Snatch, RockNRolla, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver, Serlock Holmes. His movies are mostly about the lucky underground criminals of London. I would like to ask which typefaces are going to be appropriate for his style?

Hi, i need to identify the name of this font that says "You Inspire Me To Do Good"
is from an odwalla advertising
Thank You to all.

TypeTogether is proud to announce the release of Etica, a strong yet delicate sans serif.

Etica, the-moralist-typefamily-project, was born at the end of 2000, but its development is ongoing, overcoming many hurdles and diversions. On one hand, the original idea was spurred by a certain esteem for Helvetica, in particular, its strength and versatility, and on the other, an intolerance to its plenty but inadequate applications; created by those who erroneously consider it to be a neutral and timeless design.

We believe that Helvetica is a beautiful typeface, but very deeply rooted in its own era. It is often unsuitably used in contexts that have changed profoundly since its birth. From this initial intention, we coined the ironic payoff ‘The-Moralist-Typeface’.

The challenge was to obtain the same force, versatility and colour that are, from our point of view, Helvetica’s greatest qualities. The same proportions have been maintained, albeit with slightly reduced letter width. The resulting design has soft strokes, open counters and terminals; aesthetically resting somewhere between a grotesque and humanist sans serif. It successfully combines masculine force with female delicacy.

Etica’s wide range of styles, together with a large character set and OpenType features, such as 4 sets of numerals,
fractions, several stylistic alternates and a set of arrows and dingbats, allows for a vast variety of applications, be they editorial or corporate.

What is the future of Type specimens? are people still designing type specimens to go in emails or to be delivered on the door step? Whats the future of Printed Type specimens? are they of any use to type setters any more?

I am working on a letterhead suite for a friend of mine and the entire suite is beach/watercolor themed and I'm struggling to find a type that gives the soft, laidback feeling without being a bad display font. Any suggestions?

Hey guys,
just found this nice poster/ design at the internet and was wondering what the name of the font could be?
already tried all of this »type-identifing-machines« at the iNet but without success.
I hope anybody of u can help me!!!
thanks a lot!

Hello everybody,

I've been reading a lot about typefaces and how different kinds can be combined in order to create layers of meaning. Type foundries usually suggest pairings for their own fonts, most notably Hoefler & Frere Jones and Font Bureau. I am looking to create an unusual mix of moods for a personal branding project:

  • Hearty, friendly
  • Weird, quirky
  • Contemplative, dramatic

You can think of this mix as the equivalent of a Wes Anderson, Sylvain Chomet, or even a Spike Jonze film. Sort of like what film critic Peter Rainer writes about Spike Jonze's film, Being John Malkovich:
“It is hard to mix moods -- the film is manic, subtle, comic and vaguely sad -- but [Jonze] does it masterfully.”

I looked at a lot of high-quality typefaces, one of which is H&FJ's Sentinel. I think it has that (hearty, friendly) edge to it alright, but I am looking to mix it up with other typefaces in order to give it those other layers I want to incorporate. Check out my attached file to see a sample letterhead for Sentinel. I feel that Sentinel is a good text font, but I am open to other suggestions. Whatever your other options are, I also want your thoughts on how I can keep it all consistent on printed as well as web platforms.

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